Europa 9 Box

Europa 9 is out!

After long last, Puppy Warrior Studio's first game is available for you to play. Go do it now. This webpage will still be here when you return!

In Europa 9 you assume the role of Minora, a young woman caught up in a planetary ore rush. Mega-corporation Min-R-Mart is promising a fortune to anyone willing to use a pickaxe. Just hope that you live long enough to see that payday.

Mine ore chunks, sell them, upgrade your gear, and even travel to other worlds. All in the pursuit of a better life.

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Puppy Warrior

Puppy Warrior Studios is boutique game development studio located in Seattle, WA.



Chris is a cybornetic ninja, set back in time to convert caffeine into video games.



Becca used to be a top-secret spy. Now she is Senior Vice President of Game Design and Development.